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Dialectical Logic


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Dialectical Logic Empty Dialectical Logic

Mensaje por Aleksey el Miér Oct 31, 2012 6:02 am

En mi primer mensaje en este foro escribo:

Como se sabe, Lenin dijo que Marx no nos dejó una Lógica Dialéctica como un Sistema materialista-dialéctico. Por eso el filósofo soviético Iljenkov escribió "Lógica Dialéctica" (con "L" mayúscula) para llenar un vacío.

Conseguí el libro sólo en inglés, si alguien lo alcanza en castellano, está muy bien.

El libro completo está en

El prólogo comienza así:

The task, bequeathed to us by Lenin, of creating a Logic (with a capital ‘L’), i.e. of a systematically
developed exposition of dialectics understood as the logic and theory of knowledge of modern materialism, has become particularly acute today. The clearly marked dialectical character of the problems
arising in every sphere of social life and scientific knowledge is making it more and more clear that only
Marxist-Leninist dialectics has the capacity to be the method of scientific understanding and practical
activity, and of actively helping scientists in their theoretical comprehension of experimental and factual
data and in solving the problems they meet in the course of research.
In the past ten or fifteen years, quite a few works have been written devoted to separate branches
that are part of the whole of which we still only dream; they can justly be regarded as paragraphs, even
chapters, of the future Logic, as more or less finished blocks of the building being erected. One cannot,
of course, cement these ‘blocks’ mechanically into a whole; but since the task of a systematic exposition
of dialectical logic can only be solved by collective efforts, we must at least determine the most general
principles of joint work. In the essays presented here we attempt to concretise some of the points of
departure of such collective work. (...)

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