Grabacion de la URSS de Juan Velasco Alvarado

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Grabacion de la URSS de Juan Velasco Alvarado

Mensaje por ISoCiAliStAI el Vie Jun 26, 2015 12:22 am

Aqui un video de la URSS sobre el gobierno del general Juan Velasco Alvarado, llamado por los Maoistas un Fascista hecho por la URSS ,lo malo que esta en Ruso ,...

Original Title: Film Peru: One Thousand and Three Years 1972
Directors: Troshkin V. P.
Operators: Artseulov O., Troshkin V. P.
Script Writers: Artseulov O., Kublickiy G., Troshkin V. P.
Composers: Kosmachev I.
Announcer: Kolychev U.
The film is about one of the countries in Latin America - Peru, about today's life of the country, about first reformations by the revolutionary military government.
In this paper, the film was attended by representatives of the company Amauta Lima (Peru).
Of the earthquake in Peru.
Soldiers dismantled ruins.
City of Lima.
Streets, monuments.
Landing, fly airplanes.
Landscapes mountains, lakes, deserts.
Herds of sheep, llamas.
Appearance of men, women in national costumes.
The visit of President Vladimir Alvarado for the country.
Refinery in Talara.
Celebrating national dignity in Talara.
Military parade.
Peasant Village.
Farmers cultivate the land hoe, plow, plowing with oxen ground, spun wool.
Wedding in the village.
Cleaning of sugar cane.
The transfer of land to the peasants.
The signing of the contract.
Organization of the cooperative.
Celebration on Lake Titicaca.
Played representation - the legend of the emergence of the Inca empire.
Catholic Cathedral.
The remains of the Inca fortress of Machu Picchu.
Meeting "77" - representatives of Asia, Africa, Latin America in Lima.
Stands V. Alvarado.
Staying in Peru, Fidel Castro, Salvador Allende.
Pacific Fair in Lima. V. Alvarado, President of the Soviet pavilion.
Matador Domingin in the arena.
Holiday "purple Christ." Removal of the icons.
Pass priests.
Trading in the market.
Showcase jewelry store.
Fighting roosters in the city of Lima.
There is a boxer K. Clay.
The spectators place their bets.
Housing construction, dams, ships.
Mining, ore.
Amazon River.
Float a boat with passengers.
Pass the Indians.
Injun throws a spear.
Village Indians.
Life and life in the village.
Soviet specialists drill oil wells in Trampeterose.
Melting began at a metallurgical plant in Chimbote.

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Re: Grabacion de la URSS de Juan Velasco Alvarado

Mensaje por Daedpoolio2481 el Vie Sep 04, 2015 2:20 pm

pues, ya que no se ruso, me podria alguien decir, estan criticando a velasco en este video? o no

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